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Health and Three Things

Yesterday I had some welts on my face and some spotting my legs, back and bum, but it was much better than most of last week. Energy low - still recovering - but most of day at work was okay. This morning, very itchy but only the white bumps, and just one on my face. So I'm still re-regulating and must keep it calm and collected.
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Three things (I forgot to think about them before I went to bed because I had such a fun night)
1. Great massage on short notice from Ozkan at Hair By Fairy. Hadn't taken a lunch away from work for about three weeks so that was good, too.
2. Spent the whole day feeling chipper and humming (or singing) "Bad Reputation" by Joan Jett.
3. My friend Amy came over and cooked for me last night, then drank wine and played cards with me and my roommate. We had a really great time, even though Amy inadvertently caused the end of the universe twice (only the second time I was a Secret Cultist and won). What an evening. I did not get more than 30 words written on my play review. Bad me!
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Tags: allergies, three good things
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