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Saturday's three good things (and one really bad one)

On Saturday I had a mental collapse at about 2AM and I can't really say much positive about that because waking up in the middle of the night and crying uncontrollably isn't really a thing you can put a good spin on. I think I have been under a lot of pressure lately and it got to be too much.

This set off the worse urticaria reaction I've had since December. I spent all of the day Saturday feeling like a wrung out dish rag and looking like an albino giraffe zombie that had been thrown into the Thames, really amazing swollen face and rashy hot itchy skin. It was pure misery. I finally did actually get out of the house at four, and went to an art exhibit in Wapping (a movie installation at the Wapping project), then had a late lunch/early dinner at Lupita with Jason. Irritatingly I had tickets to a show (and had to get them to some other people I had booked tickets for way back when), and all I wanted to do was sleep some more; I met our friends at the theater, dozed through act 1, then went back home.

But I made it to the end of the day and as I was falling asleep I realized I needed to think about my three good things, especially to counteract all of the bad things I'm trying to live through right now.
Adopt one today!
1. The part of the show I saw last night wasn't too bad and my friends were completely understanding about me leaving early.
2. I had some cake at home and it was nice to eat it at 10 PM last night.
3. I was able to write a theater review in thirty minutes yesterday afternoon.

That was my good stuff. Today is going to be quiet stuff - I've got tickets for a movie. I might sleep some more if I need to. Mostly I just need to keep taking care of my body and trying to get the stress and panic down and have my life feel really relaxed and safe.
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