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Review - Glasgow Girls

On Friday night, J and I went to Stratford to see a play called Glasgow Girls. Who would have thought that I would ever be at a point in my life where I wanted to see a play about immigrants because it was now a play about people like me: but it is. I'm grateful I'm not a refugee, though; I wasn't chased out of my house by mobs with flaming torches or machine guns. And anti-immigrant attitudes here in the UK are possibly nastier than they are in the US, because the UK doesn't see itself as a nation built by immigrants like the US does. So for me, a play about people standing up against the UK government to protect the immigrants they had come to see as "one of us" was really heartwarming; so much better that it was teenaged girls in Glasgow, which has a reputation for being such a hardassed city that the thought of its citizens warming up to outsiders just warmed my cockles.

And it was a good play, and a good musical, and a good evening. Sadly it closed yesterday, but if it's revived again elsewhere I'd hurry to go.

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