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Another grouse about outsourcing

The New York Times has really picked up on the outsourcing issue. I find their most recently published editorial on the subject offensive. Here's my letter to the editor:

Friedman's article, "30 Little Turtles," shows a surprisingly short memory when he refers to call-center jobs as "low-wage" and "low-prestige." There was a time not so long ago when the workers who held these jobs were valued by their employers and received health care benefits and living wages for their work. Call center jobs provided a wage that enabled single mothers with moderate educations with the means to take care of their families, and their location in smaller towns across America (Dodgeville, Wisconsin, and Mynott, South Dakota) helped spread wealth from the urban centers into the heartland.

While perhaps a person who makes as much money as a New York Times columnist might snub a call center job as "low-wage," they were welcomed - and still are - by many American workers, who use them to provide for their families just as much as the Indian workers who have stolen them from our country. What has happened to the Americans who have lost their jobs? What jobs have taken their place? I fail to see how supporting the expansion of the Indian economy has any lasting benefit to any Americans besides those who sit on the boards of the corporations who feed off of the misery their greed and layoffs leave behind when they ship these jobs overseas.
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