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Resaw Old Times tonight

Good things.
1. Free massage at work today. Was still sore from Pilates but I liked that I worked hard enough to be sore.
2. Lovely dinner with my friend Nahid before the play. I want to slowly convert her into my sister. She makes me so happy.
3. Totally fucking broke out in a rash over dinner. Nahid: "Tell your body that you're fine, you're just all ramped up because you've been laughing so hard." She may have been right. Or not, but you know, I like the message, and she was making me laugh so hard I could imagine it setting off an adrenaline reaction. She gets my sense of humor, too.
4. Found a copy of Noel Streatfield's Circus Shoes in the Oxfam near the British Museum today and started reading it over lunch. Picked it back up on the way home and OOPS missed my stop. I was laughing at the time - kinda perfect, really.

Old Times didn't make any more sense to me than it did when I saw it 8 years ago with shadowdaddy, but hey, 10 quid seats, 80 minutes long, and I actually think it's a pretty fucking awesome play, even if the cast didn't give a particularly committed performance tonight.

Legs were rashy all day. Only cooled down around 3 or 4. Would like it to stop.

Conference all day tomorrow ... then possibly Ballet Revolucion with "Tubz," a fan of my blog. We shall see.
Tags: allergies, three good things
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