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Web Cowgirl 衛 思 維

Conference day; show; three things

Spent today at a conference and making sarcastic comments about software testing on my CthonicSoftware twitter feed. It wasn't a bad day but I was tired the whole time. I'm just worn out. I'm not getting any better and it's now a full month after when the doctor said I'd have this through my system. I think I may need to go back. I was hoping it would just be over by now but no luck.

Good things:
1) Didn't break out this evening for the first time in ages; I suspect it was because I took an "all day" antihistamine at 5 PM even though I was supposed to take one of the half power ones.
2) Got a pedicure, first since October. It made me feel relaxed and cheerful even though I immediately messed it up because I didn't have enough time to let my toenails dry. I should bet back to doing this on a regular basis.
3) Had an all time high visits on my website today!
4) Went to see a show, Ballet Revolucion, to which I was treated by one of the two fans I've ever met for my website. This was fun! We had a good time, talked dance non-stop for three hours (as we met over dinner). Good times!

Otherwise I spent the evening filling out my citizenship papers - we're applying tomorrow. Eek!
Tags: hsmp, theater blog, three good things
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