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Submitting for citizenship

In part because of the fact we'd get to keep our passports, and in part because I didn't trust my ability to jump through the hoops correctly, I ponied up £90 for J and I to have our applications for citizenship checked today at Camden Town Hall. As it turns out, this was money well spent. First, it turns out the "must have been in the country exactly 5 years ago on the date of application" thing applies to both applicants, and I hadn't checked J's dates: and, it turns out, neither had he. He was not in the UK five years ago today, and based on this, our application would have been rejected. Fortunately the registrar just held on to it and said she'll mail it on Monday (which is an okay date for both of us), but, MAN, what a junior error that would have been - and it would have meant our £1350 for applying was spent in vain.

Second, another point of fact is that for married applicants, if you do not share the same mailing address, you are charged as single applicants. Now, part of the reason we wanted to apply together is for the general savings of the married versus single application (currently a £300 savings); though the other reason is that fees are going up by £250 in April. So thank goodness the registrar CALLED THE HOME OFFICE and got this sorted out, or, once again, our application would have gone in and ALL OF THE MONEY WOULD HAVE BEEN TAKEN but with no citizenship as it would have been our faults for screwing up the paperwork.

Anyway: everything is sorted now, the application will be mailed on Monday, I should get an email confirming its receipt by the Home Office on Tuesday, and some time next week a fat wad of money will be charged to my credit card, to be transformed into frequent flyer miles. And both of us have our passports and can I say that our upcoming Easter holidays canNOT be coming soon enough; I am sick and tired of the freezing weather! Oh yeah, and J and I both agree: this was £90 WELL SPENT.
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