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How time flies

Can't believe it's already been over two months since J and I got back together. We've been seeing each other lots - about three times a week - and talking to each other on the phone for about an hour every day, some times more. It's like we had so much stored up and waiting to say to each other. I feel good about all of this time, because I've always felt like J had seemed very lonely since he moved out. I know he spent time with other people, but ... I've known him long enough that when he was saying he was spending time by himself doing things, I could tell by the tone of his voice he was making the best of necessity in that midwestern way he has.

He's coming up to doing another show, and I'm sorry that I won't be seeing him so much, but very different from back in Seattle, I now have lots of friends to spend my time with, so there's actually a bit of a queue of people waiting for me to have an open evening. (Not that varina8 wouldn't have been to a movie with me in a shot if I were in Seattle.)

It does frustrate me though that I got so much guff for asking, and being accepted (and wanted) by Jason. I could see how sad he was all of that time! (Not to mention he kept saying he wanted to do things with me and that he thought about me all of the time. And that he wanted to get back together with me but just couldn't figure out how to do it.) And still, an entire group of people has turned their back on us (one of the major reasons for me being still sick as the stress on me on all of that rejection was very, very hard). It's sad, but what can you do but move on. So on we move, and here's to Darling of the Day, which I will be attending the opening night of in one week.
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