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First dancing since October

Well! I actually made it through 2 plus hours of ceilidh dancing tonight. Now, with ceilidh you have breaks between dances where you learn the new dances, and I sat a few dances out and had a twenty minute break, but this was the biggest batch of cardio exercise I've done since I got sick. In terms of how my energy levels held up, I'm really pleased: less so that I got kind of dizzy and it never went away. But I couldn't have contemplated doing this six weeks ago. And Cecil Sharpe house is really nice with a fantastic cafe in the basement (great Victoria sponge cake, made me miss lolliepoppster's baking) and a nice bar. And J looked really great dancing; I wonder if he'd consider getting into swing dancing with me. It was really nice dancing with him; I'm a very different partner after doing all of the dance classes last year.

I'm really very excited. I can't know for sure if I'm just having a good patch or if I'm actually on the mend, but I am really very excited, because even if I do keep having ups and downs, energywise this represents the biggest up since this all went down in November. And this means I might be able to more regularly do the things that were making me enjoy life back before all of this happened, so even if it sticks around for months and months or even years, I might be able to resume the activities I had to give up, but, say, with more flexibility about bowing out in case of bad days.

Or I could be on the path to finally being better and be fully mended say by April 15th or so.

Or not. Whatever. Today was a good day, and the way I've been living for the last 4 1/2 months, any good day is worth being excited about.

And I had enough fun today that I didn't do much online, but I still got a cool dragon egg at the end of the night. My obsession may be over soon but I'm not there yet.
Adopt one today!
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