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Web Cowgirl 衛 思 維

Three good things for Sunday

1. Well, I woke up for the second day in a row with zero spots, so that's really something to be happy about, but ... I'm suffering from dizziness. J wonders if it's because I've upped my medicine. So I have to think if I should lower my dosage, though I'm really happy to be controlling the outbreaks, so I don't know what to do ... Anyway, started getting a bit itchy and thinking about spots at 10 PM so while I'm better I'm still very ... suceptible.

2. Realized that I'm likely to be thanking Richard for making it so easy to finally have ended this relationship after all of these years ... no way I can backslide, the only way is forward!

3. Got a half price deal on two ballets I was planning on going to, so BANG booked the tickets today! Also bought a cute dress to wear as I am two sizes too big for all of my old formalwear ... or I was two sizes too big, but now I'm down to just one size too big. At this rate I could be fitting in my old size 14s by June.

4. Got lots of sleep this weekend.

5. Am overwhelmed with options for walking, kayaking, and general fun this summer. How will I fit it all in?

6. Northanger Abbey is turning out to be very funny, kind of like a 19th century Cold Comfort Farm.

And with that it's nearly midnight and time for bed.
Tags: allergies, three good thigns
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