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Reviews: Mies Julie and Old Times

Well, there's nothing like revisiting a show that you loved ... and finding it tepid. Old Times kicked off my whole Harold Pinter obsession, but the version I saw on Tuesday made me glad it was short (and I'd only paid 10 quid).

On the other hand, for a mere 20 pounds, Mies Julie at Riverside Studios blew me away. It was sexy and it was twisted and somehow setting it all in modern South Africa made it so much better than the ones set in the old class society of the Victorian era in Europe. You think it's just the freaky play with the foot fetish scene; and then you see it can be so much more. Strindberg is such the expert at showing how horrible people can be to each other, and this production showed his psychological insights to their best (or worst) advantage. Unmissable.

And now to write some flamenco reviews ...
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