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Web Cowgirl 衛 思 維

Three things for yesterday

I actually had so much fun yesterday I was too busy to blog when I got home. So ..

1. Really fun day.
2. Great company after the show I saw - loving hanging out with other smart women (a writer! a games designer!) and then getting excited that these people are actually my friends. We all had a laugh about how people will be subjects or inspirations for things you make and not get it, or see themselves in something and be wrong.
3. Got lots of supportive messages from said women about the really difficult emotional times I've been having the last three months - the compound of emotional stress plus sickness was validated as being completely pants. On the other hand, one of my friends has a broken arm, so I figure it could be worse. I've arranged to come over to her house in two weekends and help her with some household chores since she can't really manage a lot of stuff and lives by herself.
4. Got such strong compliments from a female coworker on the new dress I bought from Pepperberry that I went and bought another. Can't wait to wear them to April's Rock Club (well, one of them), I will be looking great! (And I've rearranged games at mine that night so I can make it to both. Now need to convince Jason he can go there and won't be spit upon. I think his friends want to see him and he ought to come out of the cave of self-loathing.)
5. The first first flush Darjeeling of 2013 showed up at work today! Mariages Freres North Tukvar SFTFOP1 go! (I had some this morning and it was nice but since I was out WAY too late I'm not sure

And at the end of the night I had a long chat with the very hardworking Jason, and that was nice, too. Can't wait to see his new show!
Tags: three good things
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