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The flamenco season is on!

It's Flamenco season at Sadler's Wells and I have upped my viewing even more than last year, going for each of the dance performances and only holding back at the side stage performances. (No guitar nights for me this year; I had a lovely time with wechsler at the show we saw for 2012 but without his motivation, it's just movement and color for me.)

I've seen three shows so far: Eva Yerbabuena (with Jason on Friday); Farruquito (with Chaundra on Sunday); and Rocio Molina (with Sophie last night). I'm working hard to try to keep up my reviews, and have just managed to get the third up; fortunately, these shows have been not more than 90 minutes with no interval so I'm getting home in good time to hit the keyboard. Of course, if we were in Spain, the performers would be doing a second and maybe a third show after 9 PM; but no such luck here.

I've got three more shows before the festival is over, packed in quickly Saturday/Sunday/Monday, which seems like hard work but, you know, flamenco never leaves you sleepy like ballet does sometimes. The highlight will be Sunday's show with Israel Galvan, whom Clement Crisp described as "the Paganini of flamenco." I can't wait!
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