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And things keep evolving

Well, J says he sees the past as a time which has already gone away and that we can walk away from - it's no longer a part of his reality anymore. And by this he means everything he was doing when we were broken up - his entire life, the friends he made, the things they used to do. I'm kind of surprised, but there's a part of me that guesses he's just tired of all of the drama and the hate and wants to just nuke it all and never have to deal with it again. Getting re-engaged with that life means drama to be sure, and how we are going to overcome the mountain of hostility seems pretty unachievable. It is no doubt easier to just turn his - and my - back(s) on the whole thing, or, rather, everybody, but I just didn't think I'd hear Jason saying that he's just separated himself from it entirely and isn't really bothered anymore. I could use less hurt and anger and negativity, too, so there is certainly a lot of sense in this approach (although I usually prefer "confront and deal with it" to "give up entirely and act like you don't feel a sense of loss").

I guess then: what future do we walk toward?
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