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The week of increasing waistlines

I've gone out for lunch three days in a row now - once to Udupi Palace, once to Las Margaritas, and today to PF Chang's "Chinese food for white people" in Belleview Square Mall (at least this one was free). It's kind of nice, but it's getting to be a bit much. Nonetheless, I'm going to Mayuri for lunch on Friday with a coworker. Why not? It's not like I didn't bust my ass LAST week.

Yesterday most of the day was wasted by an "all hands" meeting at which our CEO and a bunch of execs laid out the game plan for the company. The meeting didn't have too much of the foolish cheering and backslapping that I detest, and the only people who were forced to humiliate themselves publicly were the execs, who were somehow all convinced to wear extremely ugly jumpsuits (to build on the "buy it all under one roof" thing the CEO is pushing).

I was reminded hysterically during the meeting of the New York Times article from a month ago about how Powerpoint is dumbing down America, and there the execs were, talking to the presentations instead of the people, reading the words that appeared on the screens as if we couldn't do it ourselves. After a while I pulled my Japanese homework out of my bag and began practicing my hiragana. When the meeting finally wrapped, I was easily sucked into going out to lunch ... it was just too nice of a day not to. The best part, of course, was the half hour I was obliged to sit in the sun and read my Steinbeck while we were waiting for the bus to take us back to the building.

After last night I've only got two more Japanese classes left. I haven't been studying enough ... and my teacher got on my case about missing class last week, as if going to it was the only thing I had to do (and more important than work), and as if irritating me would make me more likely to come back. I'll be happy to not have a permanent commitment on Tuesday nights, but I'm also thinking that when fall rolls around I'll be taking the next version of the class. Right now, the sun is staying up after 5 PM, and soon I will want to be doing stuff outside when I leave work that doesn't include being inside yet another building.
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