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Sunday morning in Crystal Palace

Day 2 in a row of having breakfast with Jason ... nice! He's pulling out the stops with French toast and sausages, using things from Borough Market. It's hard to get motivated to do much of anything today given that it's below freezing outside but there will be more Flamenco tonight and a nap this afternoon. Maybe we'll get back to working on planning his housewarming party - Saturday April 13th is looking like the perfect evening.


Thanks to a well-timed disco nap, I was able to manage both an afternoon Flamenco trip and the Vauxhall/Tradescant road line dance party yesterday. The dance event was in a converted church, and I showed up with my vegetarian chile while J brought cornbread (as it was also a potluck). I did about two dances out of three (as my energy levels and strength are building) but J and I were the source of AMAZEMENT as we knew how to do a grapevine and a chain - crazy to be "leaders" in a dance group but all of that Ceilidh-ing did come in handy. And he looked very handsome and was sweet about not spinning me too fast as I am still getting dizzy easily.


We called it done around 10:30 and spent the long bus ride back talking about his life over the last 2 years and it was all pretty informative and insightful ... crazy to be learning so much new stuff about each other but it's kind of fun. And just maybe, when my health picks up, we'll try for the swing dance class in Brixton.

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