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And the pharmacist says

Pharmacists here in the UK operate quite differently than they do in the US, as they provide extensive information about the drugs you are prescribed and can do some kinds of minor diagnoses in a way that sort of a nurse practitioner would in the US. So I sat down and had a visit with the guy (Mr Shah) I got my new stuff from today.

First, he was very concerned about my taking Sertraline at the same time. I was happy to tell him I was off of it.

Second, he said no drinking while I was taking it.

Third, he said there was a bit of a build up time for this to level out ... I actually wish I'd been taking notes. But he advised for me taking a softly-softly approach, and just aiming (eventually) for one every other day so I could keep a certain amount active in my system. He said I could take one or two depending on what worked for me.

Fourth, he said the side effects were likely to include a certain amount of grogginess in the morning, and a dry mouth - rather like a hangover, as my doctor said.

Anyway, we'll give this a trial run this weekend, and if things go okay, start transitioning on to it in two weekends, over the 12th. And the other stuff, based on what the doctor and I came up with, I'll be done with it some time around the end of the month.

Overall: urgh. And I still need to see the specialist about the urticaria. Bleah bleah and bleah.


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