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Reviews: "Darling of the Day" and "Snow White and the Seven Poofs"

I've not been able to do much solid writing the last week as I spent most of it asleep and what time I was awake not particularly able to think very well. However, I finally managed to get my review done of shadowdaddy's show Darling of the Day, which I saw nearly two weeks ago, and Snow White and the Seven Poofs, which proved for once and for all that drag queens really do mix well with panto.

Unfortunately I don't think I'm ever going to get a write up done of the magnificent Don Quixote J and I saw Easter Sunday, or of the performance of Israel Galvan performance I saw with dreamsewing, as dance takes a second place to theater and, well, I'm still feeling very worn out from last week's trials. But, well, they were nice shows, but I kind of feel like I'd rather spend a bit more of my evenings reading Noel Streatfield, as it's just so very calming.
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