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End of Sunday

I had the most horrendous insomnia last night. J's party had wrapped up, and I thought I'd actually, you know, get in 9 hours, but instead 1 AM, 2 AM, 3 AM .... I tried sleeping on the couch for a change of scenery/temperature whatever but just nothing. Probably got 6 hours of sleep total even though I tried staying in bed all the way until 10 AM. Argh. I felt really shaky when I woke up, too, scared that I was going to have another grand old panic attack like the last time when I was not managing to get enough sleep. It was wretched, but, oddly, some very helpful emails I got from Trish kinda helped me get my act back together and by 2 PM I was feeling about okay and J and I were in central London getting ready to see some ballet (which we enjoyed tremendously).
Adopt one today!
Tonight has been quite chilled - I roasted a chicken and made some of my patented "superpower" gravy to go with, I bred a new dragon, I did the theater podcast thing. But best of all J and I have come up with this idea to do the couch to 5 K thing once I get back from the states. I'll get some running shoes fitted while I'm in San Diego, then when I come back we're scheduled to go running twice a week, or, rather, building up to being able to run. I'm going to do it slower than their program recommends because they want you do to three days a week and I don't have that many days free, but I think this sounds fun. It's easy to get enthused about doing it with J, because he's really patient and I know he wouldn't make me feel slow and stupid (one of my biggest problems with exercising is getting depressed because I feel incompetent). But with the sun coming out this weekend, suddenly planning more outdoor stuff sounds like a really good idea, and doing a running program around Tooting Common would be really nice. And, well, per one of the notes I got today, anxiety/adrenaline gets killed ded by exercise, so more reasons to give it a go. Plus, you know, I need exercise, and since the urticaria has killed most of my muscle tone, this seems like a really perfect thing to try to do to gradually bring myself back into shape.

With that, I'm going to see if I can wheedle a massage out of J and then call it an evening.
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