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I just don't deserve them

I found out today that my test team guys had put a workflow into Jira so that test cases are being "automatically" reviewed as a part of the release preparation process.

Now, this still requires actual people looking at things, but rather than having a meeting or two to review the prep work, it's being done as test cases are written, and per the feedback I have, the work of reviewing is actually helping people in the team learn and improve as well as actually finding improvements that need to be made in the coverage.

What kind of blows me away about this is that I proposed we start doing test case review fairly recently, and you kind of expect people to moan and groan and go OH THAT'S TOO HARD. But instead, they've chosen to embed it, because, I think, they realize this is, really, best practice, even if it adds a bit of overhead.

I just ... I feel humbled. How did I ever get such a good team of people working for me? It makes me feel every time I fight for doing things right for the company, every time I stick my neck out for them, I am, a hundred times over, standing up for the right things and for the right people.

Anyway, heads back down again, and lunch soon.
Tags: qa geekery, work

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