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Typos, Rochefort, tickets

I found out yesterday that my $35 parking ticket was reduced to $15. Yay!

We started watching "The Young Girls of Rochefort" last night (Les Jeunes Filles de Rochefort), which we got from the library on a DVD. It's by the same guy (Jaques Demi?) who did "The Umbrellas of Cherbourg. It's a 60s French musical starring Catherine Deneuve and (oddly) Gene Kelley. I love the director's mod sensibility. All the young men and women were wearing white go-go boots, and it cracked me up. In the scene we watched before we gave up for the night, two young ladies were arguing with these two men, and from the waist up they were both wearing metallic sweaters - one bronze, one silver. As the camera pulled back, I realized the silver sweater was accompanied by ... silver pants! And then, as the other girl came back into focus, and they began to dance, dance, dance across the screen, I realized - they were both dressed from head to toe in matching metallics! It was awesome. It was all so effervescent that it gave me the giggles.

Today I'm getting my laughs reading a New York Times article about lawyers getting the business from judges over their bad spelling. "In the time-honored legal tradition, Magistrate Hart supported his ruling with evidence. "We would be remiss," he wrote, "if we did not point out some of our favorites." In one letter, Mr. Puricelli had given the magistrate's first name as Jacon, not Jacob. "I appreciate the elevation to what sounds like a character in `The Lord of the Rings,' " Magistrate Hart wrote, "but, alas, I am only a judge." "

In another case the judge "chastised the plaintiff's lawyer, Stephen G. Homer, for his "unrestrained and unnecessary use of the bold, underline, and `all caps' functions of word processing or his repeated use of exclamation marks to emphasize points in his briefs." " Man, can we get this guy to police the internet?
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