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Reviews: The Trial, Ubu Roi, The Salon Project, The Arrest of Ai Wei Wei & 2 ballets by Nacho Duato

I've been slowly ratcheting up my shows since my Easter break, and the reviews are trickling in.
Best of everything and with the most quickly approaching end date was Cheek By Jowl's Ubu Roi at the Barbican. It was anarchically wrong and just awfully gleeful; I've never seen greed portrayed so unsympathetically, and I've never seen a toilet brush used as a scepter before.

Most important is probably The Arrest of Ai Wei Wei at Hampstead Theater. I think it may have actually been a boring evening, as mostly we watched Ai Wei Wei sit in a room and be stared at; but I think it had a powerful political intention behind it that turned the "performance" into a political statement. Recommended if you're interested in China, modern art, or human rights.

I was disappointed by two promenades; The Trial by Retz and The Salon Project. God knows I'm dying for friends and conversation, but the Salon Project merely gave me some clothes and champagne; meanwhile The Trial was emotionally uninvolving.

Finally I whipped out a review of some modern ballets by Nacho Duato the Mikhailovsky performed during their Easter visit to London. My ballet reviews don't get read much but I do want to keep working to become better at describing this kind of art, so this review was really for me.
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