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That was advice?

So, the doctor today said I should 1) stop drinking sugary drinks (THANKS I DON'T NOT EVEN IN MY TEA NO REALLY) and 2) take up meditation. Item one was not related to my urticaria at all. Item two was the only solid advice she could give me re: stress reduction. Otherwise, her general advice was, "Well, maybe this will all settle down in another three months or so. And you should really work on reducing the stress in your life." (And we talked about the antihistime and swelling medicine I was taking - fenofexadine and cimetidine - and she didn't really have anything to say about it, either.)

I really don't know what to do about reducing stress. But, aside from getting exercise, just what can I do to try to reduce the amount of stress in my life? (In some ways, there's probably not much point in posting about it here, because 4 out of 5 posts get no responses anyway, so maybe I should ask on Facebook.)

What I really want to do is spend more time around supportive people so I feel safe and less isolated and I can drop my guard more. I did that tonight, and of course every evening with my housemate is pretty good. :-) And things do seem to have calmed down a bit. But really, I must, must, must dial down the stress even more. Having work give me shit about going to the doctor does NOT help, though. Here's hoping that doesn't happen ever again.
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