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On and on about the doctor

I went back to my "usual" doctor today, the one that has the sister that has urticaria and is at least very familiar with the problem. I told her about my wasted visit to Dr Roberts yesterday, and she said I'd waited long enough, she was going to give me a referral to a "real" dermatologist (apparently Dr Roberts just has a specialty in dermatology but is a GP - no wonder she spent so much time cheering me for my unfortunate weight loss and telling me to consume less sugar). She also didn't realize she hadn't actually given me a referral for a counselor, so she did it this time. My goal (if I can get the non-useless counselor) is to actually talk to them about what I can do about lifestyle stress reduction. I feel like there's probably some serious, more drastic steps for me to look at, but I'm unable to assess my stress and what causes it objectively. So maybe an outside person can help.

I was also surprised that I went from having a crazy high blood pressure reading to one that was utterly normal within about 2 minutes after just thinking about spending some time on the beach in San Diego ("You should go to that beach more often," said the doctor). She unfortunately had no idea about the dizzy spells, first saying it was because I'd changed my medication ("But I didn't start the amitriptyline until Saturday!") then saying that it was just because I was under so much damned pressure.

I've had a rotten week at work, really, with my health consuming all of my brain, and a creeping depression killing the rest of whatever makes me tick. It's been hard to get off of the couch and go in every day, but I've done it. Let's just hope there are no more panic attacks: funny how they put the rest of my health into perspective. Itchy/burning/swelling/emotional/exhaustion is totally survivable, but being mad is not.

Oh and my boss suggested I see a private physician here if I really want to get well. He's a foreigner like me. Maybe he has a point, and maybe the UK really does have a two-tier system; one for the rich people, and one for everyone else, and in the everyone else system, nobody cares how long this goes on for me, but in the rich people system, I can probably afford to find someone who gives a shit - it'll just take me a big chunk of my savings to do it.
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