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New dreams

It's sad to be dreaming that your dog is sick and wake up and remember your dog died two years ago.

Yesterday was a good day but I learned that the "1-2 pills daily" dose of Amitryptiline translates as "1 if you want to go to work, 2 if you want to spend most of the last day in a haze." Given how many heavy converations J and I have been having lately, I'm sure he enjoyed having me be mellow and ultra-low maintenance, but I didn't like that I still wasn't coherent for the podcast at noon.

Joy: listening to J and my roommate Katy visiting in the backyard while they enjoyed the sunshine and drank coffee (and I napped with the French doors open to the garden). They get along really well.

Later he and I went out and had a big late lunch at Saraswathy Bavan prior to heading into town to see the David Bowie exhibit at the V&A. I had some problems with the exhibit, especially the hagiographic elements ("David Bowie feels that randomness is important to art." "David Bowie has always wanted audiences to experience their own ability to create themselves.") and the parts where it attempted to mate up his recent weaker music with his genius era stuff. I couldn't help but think of the Bongwater song "David Bowie is looking for new ideas," only it's got to the point where he's cannibalizing himself to do it. But also the thing felt like an ad, and that Bowie had approved all of the exhibition display text and made sure it was properly reverential. The David Hockney exhibit did the same thing; there was not a critical note about all of his past. That's poor curation in my book - basically we had paid to see a giant ad for Opus Bowie.

On the other hand, there was this big room where about 45 minutes of concert footage and bits from Top of the Pops was being played, with the audience listening over our headphones, and if you took yours off you could hear people quietly singing along. Very nice.

Then it was home and a long conversation with my sister via skype which I did partically wearing the bunny mask (see user pic) because my hair looked funny and it was making my niece laugh. She asked what I could do to make sure things aren't stressful, and I said she probably needed to take away my computer. All I really want to do is spend our days at the beach and our evenings eating Mexican food and drinking margaritas, so I should be pretty darned easy to entertain this trip.


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Apr. 22nd, 2013 03:36 pm (UTC)
It was very amusing to see the Bowie at the BBC programme recently. Starts off talking about how long his career has been, but over three quarters of the way through the programme, it's still in the mid-70s. Confirms just how little good stuff he's done since then: odd flashes of genius, but not the great stuff.
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