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Puerto Rico at Mesob, Rochefort au Maison

After work last night, we joined Matt, Cathy, Pam, and Chris (he of last weekend's gaming conference) at Mesob and had dinner, followed by Puerto Rico (review available at seattle_rico). Afterwards, shadowdaddy and I went home to finish watching "Les Jeunes Filles de Rochefort," and I realized that the whole movie was done in rhyming couplets. Wow! I'm slow. This made me want to watch the whole movie over again ... but that's not going to happen. At 10:15, Cathy showed up with pictures of our trip to Mexico, then she and shadowdaddy stole away to the Cinerama to watch "2001" on the really, really big screen.

Tonight: no plans, maybe Spin the Bottle. Tomorrow: kayaking at 11, possible Seattle Cosmic and/or Circus Contraption in the early evening followed by another trip to the Cinerama for the "Oklahoma!" singalong at 11. Sunday: Ellen Hargis at Town Hall at 2 PM. Despite what looks like a full weekend, I'd still really like to see some of my girlfriends ...
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