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More virus spam and post-Udupi slowdown

Geluchi@hotmail.com (and 32@geocities.com) have sent me a file called "your_letter.pif" with a request to "Please read the attached file." I'm thinking that I won't.

Meanwhile my boss sent out an email about the new build we've got (all the new features and stuff) with the exhortation "The water’s great…come on in!" I have written her back requesting she "get me a net, 'cause this pool is FULL OF BUGS!" Heh heh heh.

Anyway, she and I went out to lunch at Udupi Palace, so I'm completely stuffed and fully (heh heh) unmotivated. What's funny is that I almost got on the freeway headed back to Seattle instead of going back to work, and she barely remembered to say anything about it "since I was ready to go back home for the day anyway." Go Boss! That's filling me with that worker-bee spirit. She's awesome! I especially liked the part when we left the restaurant and she asked me if I minded if we stopped in a bookstore. "No, twist my arm!"
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