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Reviews: Play That Goes Wrong, Ghost Hunter, Ten Plagues, Public Enemy, American Utopias

Looks like I've been too busy doing my critical writing to bother letting people know I've written them - thank goodness for Twitter, though!

Right. So, while in America, I went and saw American Utopias, Mike Daisey's look at Disney World and Burning Man, with varina8 and exedore. Mike's show was entertaining, though not nearly as good as I suspect his other, newer show (Fucking Fucking Ayn Rand) would have been (if I'd been in Seattle long enough to see it). I'll remember this night as the evening my old college friend Adam Epstein totally snobbed me off, unfortunately; I try to control the stress but sometimes it comes and finds me (especially a drag when I was trying to be friendly and polite).

Back in the UK, I was off (with the promise of an under two hour running time) to see Ibsen's Public Enemy at the Young Vic. Whistleblowers with big egos: it's a theme that's as fresh today as it was when it was written.

Less enjoyable was Marc Almond in Ten Plagues - a promising evening ruined by really irritating music and a worse libretto. Ah well.

Then on Friday I was treated to The Ghost Hunter, a spooky tale of a ghost tour guide slipping into the supernatural. It was a perfect evening: one hour long so no need to restrain myself with the post-work boozing, and after fighting over when my actual last day at work was going to be (see the stress levels go up again), I was well in need. This play knocked me out of my can't think about anything but the job brain and got my weekend off to a good start.

Although I also saw a concert on Sunday (and may write it up), I was feeling quite blue on Monday and tried to fix it with a comedy: The Play That Goes Wrong. It wasn't pure genius but it was a good time and I did feel better after seeing it.

The rest of the week will mostly be baroque music performances so there won't be too much in the way of reviews coming, but I think I've hit the ground running and ought to be able to keep the traffic on my blog pretty stable while I'm not adding any more content. Meanwhile, I have a paper dragon egg:
Adopt one today!

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