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Seattle City politics - Dwight Pelz considering council run

This morning's Seattle Post-Intelligencer said that Dwight Pelz is seeking a city council seat. But he's already established that he's against enacting the popular will of the citizens of Seattle. I'm advising him to get his act in gear with a sharply worded, ultimately useless, letter.

Remember what I told you at the caucus.

You need to get behind the monorail.

The money's approved, the project is going forward. The job of a city council member is to make it happen, and make it happen right.

You can try to make things happen differently but you cannot try to "derail" the project. Obstructionism doesn't stop things from happening, it just makes everything cost a lot more. The voters of the City of Seattle approved this project, and it doesn't matter it was only by a very narrow margin: it was over 50%, and once that plateau is reached, it might have well have been 100% as far as the legitimacy of the project is concerned.

It's time for you to rethink your blanket dislike for this project. If you can't, then you should not consider running for a city council position.
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