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Weekend update

I didn't turn the computer on all day yesterday. Wow.

Instead, I spent two hours cleaning the bedroom and another hour and a half doing miscellaneous cleanup in the house and yard, including wiping up the sea of cat pee outside of Hestia's upstairs box (settling for once and all the culprit in the current "Ocean Storm" debate: old cat with ass hanging out of catbox) and burying Bibo under the pink camellia. The rest of the afternoon was My Big Fat Shopping Spree, with trips to the Paramount to buy tickets (only 75¢) to see Wings on March 31st, Pike Place Market to get some First and Second Flush estate Darjeeling from teh The Perennial Tea Room, City People's to buy grass seed, Safeway for ... you know, groceries, Half Price Books for an Indian food cookbook I saw and craved at Maurie's, Tea House Kuan Yin for some Bai Hao Oolong, and a surprise stop by Tweedy and Pop's for vacuum cleaner bags (now that I could see the floor in the bedroom they were very much needed).

In the evening Worthy O and I went out to Mesob with Matt and Rebecca, then went to the Varsity to see The Russian Ark. And I'm tired now and need to start being productive. With luck, the Bai Hao will help.
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