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The Hackers recover

Ricky0707@yahoo.com (who, oddly enough, has his Yahoho smileyface on - meaning that he's online right now) sent me a note entitled "Your are naked?" that included an attachment called aboutyou.txt.exe. I'm guessing it's NOT the WeightWatchers points system software. Shame on him for just calling it an .exe, though. What happened to the innocuous looking ".pif?"

We're skipping the concert ... I feel worn out and think doing stuff to make the house look better is a good plan for the afternoon. I picked up a doll from Devout Dolls - a two headed one with a black dress and red and black hair - and a fascinating homemade Viewmaster reel from "Vladimir," who came up from Portland just for I Heart Rummage. Her sets of "Italo Calvino: Invisible Cities" and "Kafka: Short Stories" were pretty irresistable, although I was hard-pressed to not buy a wallet with a silkscreened Boston Terrier on it for sallysimpleton.
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