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Sertraline redux day three

Yesterday I got very freaked out around 2 PM and was trying to figure out if I needed to turn back home and go somewhere safe (I was on my way to a matinee play I was about to be late to). I kept saying to myself, "You're fine, it's okay, it's just the drugs, nothing is wrong, you're going to be fine." And I thought, when did I learn to say all of these reassuring things to myself? Oh yeah, the last time I was having the big fat panic attacks.

I decided to cancel my evening plans for today and just stay home all day (and night), with a barbeque in the evening with Katie and J. Thinking the panicky stuff was happening about three hours after I took the sertraline, I went on a run at about 1:30, getting in about 27 or more minutes and more than two miles. And: no panic attack today. Very good.

Afternoon I was muzzy headed and just not super good feeling, but also it was the last day of the prednisole, so I'm hoping the stupidity will go away soon.

My skin is looking good (no welts) and I am not the least bit puffy although I'm still looking preternaturally young which I will ascribe a bit to getting my hair done yesterday but also to residual puff. And I got a nice card in the mail about what happened last weekend. Need to remember to send a thank you gift to the doc who kept me from dying last weekend.
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