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Good weekend

So this was a pretty good weekend (despite what ever is going on inside the meat sack). I was feeling like I'd been pushing myself a bit much and cancelled going-out plans on Friday in favor of having a barbeque at the house with Jason and Katie; this was good fun and the two bottles of wine we cracked from the France trip went over well, and probably led to a much more animated game of Fluxx than we would have had otherwise.
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On Saturday we had a group outing to Wells in Somerset, to see the big cathedral I'd seen featured in this great program called "The Golden Ages of British Sculpture" last summer - I'd initially planned to go with London Walks, but they decided not to do it this year, and when I found out how much train tickets were we decided to rent a car and split it three ways. It took FOREVER to get there (nearly four hours) but the church absolutely delivered - not just architecturally gorgeous, but with organ and choral music while we were inside and the most gorgeous gardens outside at the Bishop's Palace. (Pictures will be on Facebook.) And the weather was AMAZING and I got to touch a baby duck. It was a great, great day.
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Today I took advantage of Living in London and went to the National Gallery where they had the Academy of Ancient Music in to help illustrate a lecture on the music of the era of a painting exhibit they had up (Vermeer, so 1600s). Basically, this is the kind of over the top shit you can do every freaking day here (hear world class music, see world class art, get lecture from world class art historian, ten quid - and we were thanked for coming instead of watching the tennis).
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But what did I really want to be doing? Sitting outside enjoying the nice weather, because it was AMAZING today, warm and lovely, tank top and linen weather. So after the lecture wrapped up, I dashed off to Crystal Palace and met J, James, and Simon T for a picnic in, well, the shade not the sunshine. It was nice to see folks that weren't my roommate, though I did get a bit blue as people were discussed that reminded me of the extreme state of isolation I've been living in for the last six months. Who's dating whom, who's moving in with whom, large events I can't imagine making it to ... actually gave me a bit of the blues which has stuck with me for the rest of the evening.
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I went home and spent the rest of the evening in my back yard, reading, doing some weeding, and hunting for dragons on the website I've got the obsession with (click the eggs above if you want to be helpful, will you?). J's visiting a friend from college tonight - I would have liked to have gone along but I thought they could use some "guy" time, although I'm really hoping I can see E before he goes back. Then I opened a card that came in the mail Friday and it gave me a bit of a smile ... wonder if I can get those Benedict Jacka books to the person I think would enjoy them after all.
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