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Gads, the week is full! And - Friend of a ...

First, I'm a game slut. I'm trying to find a Latinized way of expressing it along the lines of "Boarditudinally Promiscuous," but I haven't worked it out yet. At any rate, I've got the entire week planned out, and games figure in twice. Monday it's the dog and pony show at the Fenix, Tuesday it's second to last night of Japanese 101, Wednesday it's Puerto Rico and Ethiopian food with jaquelea, Thursday is tacos and Carcasonne with Dave and Deb (and maybe irrationalrobot and his girlie), Friday is the Netherlands Bach Society, Saturday is work during the day (ick) and Seattle Pro Musica in the evening. I'm sure I'll be looking forward to doing nothing by the time Sunday rolls around - God only knows I was VERY successful at doing it today.

Second, my favorite blogger, ciphergoth, has had someone borrow his "Trustmetric" idea (assuming it was his idea in the first place - I don't really know) and is now generating lists of who your most trusted and least trusted friends are. However he's doing it, the results are both inaccurate and uninteresting. My brother, who should be at the top of my list, is nowhere to be found; ciphergoth and his circle of friends, none of whom have ever met me, rank very high, but since I've added several people in this circle, they are ranked as more trusted - because they have friended each other.

But the most pathetic bit of coding comes through in the "least trusted friends" list, which is merely my "most trusted friends" turned on its head. To me, this means that the fact I have (compared to some) few folks on my friends list is being held against me - or the code is just lame. At any rate, here's the results, and what they say to me is not enough of my meat friends (what, all five of them?) are on LiveJournal, and I probably spend too much time reading the blogs of complete strangers.

Here are webcowgirl's most trusted friendsWho are your most trusted friends?

Here are webcowgirl's least trusted friendsWho are your least trusted friends?

Here are webcowgirl's most trusted nonfriendsWho are your most trusted nonfriends?

Here are webcowgirl's least trusted nonfriendsWho are your least trusted nonfriends?
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