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Review: The Night Alive (and update on Couch to 5K)

I still haven't got my review of last Sunday's Words and Music Lost Musicals outing written, but I've got a few more days before it becomes critical (as it's only on once a week). However, this is a good time to mention that The Night Alive at the Donmar was really great: a wonderful reflection on the evanescence of life. My kind of thing, really.

Last week I actually ran every week day, which impressed me (and I'm the only one that really matters). Monday I ran the longest time I've ever ran, 35 minutes (my progress is tracked if any of you care), and possibly the longest distance, 2.34 miles. It's getting really close to the target goal of 5 kilometers (3.77 kilometers), which I think I might be able to do before the end of the month. Cool, eh? Only cool it is not outside; running is needing to be done early in the day. And since I only woke up at 10:30 today I passed on running altogether in favor of doing some more unpacking, though it's looking kind of unpromising right now: I couldn't sleep until after 2 AM and ... bleah.

I've been reading the new Gail Carriger book, which is much more steampunky than her previous Victorian vampires and werewolf mystery novels, and, as a young adult novel, is just a bit on the fluffy side. So I'm counterbalancing it with A.N. Wilson's The Victorians, which rather than being set in the Victorian era is actually genuinely about the Victorian era. I've had it since I was in Putney but, as usual, it languished with the other non-fiction books; but I'm in the mood for something more meaty, and it is very much filling my intellectual hunger.

I'm also continuing my little obsession with the imaginary internet dragons. It seems like a pretty harmless hobby but it has actually been keeping me away from Twitter. What has happened to me? Ah well, it can't last forever. (Please click them and thank you.)


Also: have been eating a very Mediterranean diet, lots of pasta dressed with raw or quickly cooked vegetables, olive oil, and cheese. Last week I started experimenting with using capers: they're nice with a raw tomato/parsley mix or witha cooked tomato/eggplant/basil combo. I'm losing weight in a controlled way (about a pound a week) and am now at 176, lowest I've been in ages. For all J has been making faces about me having too many clothes ,I'm grateful all the "next size down" clothes are around, because they're getting used again. I suppose the fact I've been drinking so little is also helping: it has a bad effect with one of my meds and one glass of wine is tending to be enough, if I have any at all. fortunately iced tea is tasty and (the way I make it) calorie free, so I don't feel like I'm suffering.

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