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Reviews: Circle Mirror Transformation and A Season in the Congo

On Thursday I had the good luck to hit two shows in one day, this happy event being made possible by my being jobless (a situation which I'm not now likely to fix until September). Show one was Circle Mirror Transformation, a modern drama starring Imelda Staunton. The structure was great: it was a series of exercises performed by students at an amateur drama school. The building it was in was not so: no AC and probably 85 degrees. The audience was butch, though, and made it through to the end. Thank you to the Royal Court for subsidizing this outing for me - I was glad to get a discounted ticket.

A world away in topic and style was A Season in the Congo, about the birth of the Congolese nation and its charismatic first prime minister, Patrice Lumumba. I can hardly say enough good things about this show, but one of the key "was it good" elements is that I now want to read more about the man and the country. J was more than willing to help and has lent me his copy of The State of Africa. Sadly he didn't go as it was his company's summer party, but if you are free, I do recommend it highly.
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