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This can't be Oklahoma

It is so beautiful outside this morning that I want to burst into song. The sun was shining in the bedroom window at a quarter 'til seven, and with the extra sleep I got from going to bed half an hour early, I was ready to wake up before my alarm went off. The radio was talking about fog, but from where our house stands it was clear in all four directions. However, Lake Washington had a tiny smudge of cloud still hanging behind Seward Park, dividing the peninsula from the looming mass of Mount Rainier. Meanwhile, the water on the south end of the lake was so glassy it made me think of a giant pool of black butter. It's something I can only appreciate when I ride the bus to work, since it puts me ten feet above my normal level and I don't have to worry about hitting the car in front of me. Ah, to be rich enough to own a house where this could be my morning view every sunny day! Once I got to work, I was intoxicated by the rich smells of the air outside. Plants, earth, wetness, pine needles ... spring is here!
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