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Reviews: Titus Andronicus, As Is, Same Deep Water as Me, Complete Works of Wm Shakespeare Abridged

Doing a darned good job of making the best of not working. I've been taking advantage of getting offers to see plays for free, as well as doing lots of running, so I'm actually really perky. I also did an hour of canoeing today in preparation for trying for my British Canoeing Union two star certification. Best unemployment yet!

We're having a big Shakespeare festival this month (well, in my household): it kind of started with The Complete Works of William Shakespeare Abridged (comedic, fun), a nice quick tour through the plays with a few giggles - really good fun for the price and time commitment. I haven't gotten around to writing up the 10 hour Shakespearaganza from Sunday, but I did write up the very excellent Titus Andronicu we saw in Shoreditch - frankly, I can't remember the last time J was so enthused about a play. And it was really really cheap - free for me, 13 for the general public. Cheap!

I also pulled a real winner with As Is at the Finborough, which I expected to be a preachy play (as it was "the" AIDS play), but instead which I found a paen for a vanished era. Plus another hurray for getting offered reviewers comps.

Oddly of the mix, it was the play I had the highest hopes for that delivered the least: Nick Payne's new play Same Deep Waters as Me at the Donmar. It was cheap (12 quid), thankfully, but his flair for dialogue and character didn't overcome the feeling that this play just wasn't finished.

Anyway: not working, but very busy writing. Also have a kitten.
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