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Everyday is like ... Christmas

The new build is such a treat. It's like Christmas for testers - a bug under every little corner I look. My count for the last two days stands at 11 bugs - basically, I'm entering them at a rate limited only by my typing speed. If it weren't for meetings and the test site going down, I'd probably have even more. And since it's a new build, there's very little fear of finding old issues. I'm in hog heaven!

I did however get to go out to lunch at Mayuri, where the room is full of people from The Borg. My co-diner, Ken (whom I'd been required to bribe with lunch so I could get him to look at my test plan), said he felt sorry for the people at Microsoft - all the ones that were interviewing to work with us here at Tripadelic seemed bored by their jobs. He thinks I should steal my brother away as soon as he's free, and I think it would be neat if he were here, but who knows what his future will hold.

Tonight's the second to last night of Japanese class, and I have to say I'll be relieved when it's all over (again). When work picked up I wasn't able to keep up with the homework. But I am hoping to try to keep on top of the Hiragana between now and the fall, when I'm intending on taking the next level of the class.

Right now I'm thinking about vacations again. San Franciso is looking very good for the first week of June. I found tickets for two on Southwest for only $256 for the two of us. Given the amount of work I will have to do the following weekend, when I'm anticipating my product will launch, a refreshing weekend out of town would be ideal ...
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