Web Cowgirl 衛 思 維 (webcowgirl) wrote,
Web Cowgirl 衛 思 維

Here's a change of pace

Well, I'm looking at the next three months, and I can't help but think I'm not going to find a job and start in the next two weeks, which means rather an extended period (continuing) of a lot of time and not much money. I've volunteered to do theater reviews for two other websites, I'm planning on tapping (as it were) the savings to take a tap dancing class, and ... I'm going to do Nanowrimo. I've got the time, I've got the idea ("The HP Lovecraft Institute of Software Design," with chapters alternating on going on blind dates and dealing with working with demonically possessed pseudo humans), and thanks to all of the review writing, I have the discipline. I've got about three weeks to plan it out (I think I need to do that, really, not just fling myself into it without a road map), I've got lots of time .... I think I can do it.

What do you think? Are you doing it? Have you done it? Any tips?
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