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Beautiful sunny day

I have the teeniest list of LJ friends. This is not nearly as sad as the fact that it is in fact larger than my real life list of friends. The people I've been spending the most time lately are the people I play games with; my only girl-on-girl emotional connection action is happening with my boss, for Christ's sake!

Ack, must rein myself in. I had a nice day, even though I wished I'd got more done at work. It was sunny and spring-like outside and I walked out to lunch with some coworkers. Tonight I played Puerto Rico with shadowdaddy, jaquelea and coworker Ken, and now we're done and shadowdaddy's off watching a rehearsal for a show he's lighting next week. I'm getting ready to work on my short story on my other blog, but ... I miss having girlfriends spend time with me. Now I'm going to stick that feeling back in the hole with my mom and my dad and all that other stuff and cement the lid back on it because I run my show, goddamnit, and I'm not going to have any feelings if I don't want to.

OH YEAH. And have some more tequila.
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