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The rest of the week

Much like last week, I've been struggling with feeling down.

I'm still running. I ran about three times this week, and I went kayaking on Wednesday. So I'm getting exercise.

Tap dance is sadly not happening as the class was sold out. I took advantage of the unexpected free night Thursday and went to visit my friend Cate on her houseboat. We had a nice visit - she was my best office buddy at the job I had three years ago, and our friendship has survived us both leaving the company. Her mom is visiting from New Zealand so I got to enjoy seeing her as well, and share the nice bottle of Triade wine I'd brought with me.
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I'd also been hoping to get some recruiter action going this week but no dice - even the one who contacted me about the kind of cool job at the media company never followed up.

I saw four shows this week (Ghosts, Bare, The Light Princess, and Seven Brides for Seven Brothers) but am behind three reviews on that list. However, I finished reading Broken Homes by Ben Aaronovitch, which I enjoyed quite a bit. I got it as a birthday present for J, but he's been way too involved in the Le Carre novels I also bought him, so I decided to break it in early.
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I've been feeling really down all week but things improved a bit on Friday when eglantinedreams arrived from Brighton. She said some really affirmative things to me when I told her what I'd been doing to try to get my life in better order, and I really appreciated her thoughtfulness. We took her to Greenwich to see Bare Friday but neither she nor I cared for it - she said not enough rock, I felt not enough musical or acting.

Today she and I and J had a very slack morning then finally headed down toward Tooting Broadway to do a little shopping. We didn't find a doormat at TK Maxx, but did get socks for J, hair conditioner, Lucky Charms (shock!) and a Steve Jackson game I'd never heard of before. We intended to play it after dinner, but we had a tremendously late lunch at Lahore Karahi and just got into a game of Puerto Rico once we got home that meant we weren't actually done with dinner until 10:30 PM.
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Dinner, however, was a tremendous success. Our "secondo" was fried cheese, done something like this:

300-400 grams caciocavallo cheese (I used pecorino - something tough enough to endure some frying)
4 cloves garlic
Salt, Pepper, Oregano

Sautee the garlic in some oil. Add the cheese (I sliced it into a few slabs that were 1/3 inch thick): cook for about 1 minute on each side. Remove the cheese onto a heated plate: sprinkle with oregano.
Add some vinegar (I can't translate any of the quantities from the Italian) to the liquid in the pan; heat briefly and then drizzle the sauce across the slices of cheese. Add salt and pepper to taste.

Anyway, we served that with some pasta with pesto Trapanese, and it was quite good. So it's been a good Saturday night, and A will be all ready to hit her very early rehearsal tomorrow morning, and she and I and J have had a lovely weekend. J and I are going to do a run tomorrow morning, then go to a games party, and finally come home for dinner as cooked by Brendan (our current flatmate). It should be not a bad weekend and I'm hoping my mood picks up.
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I also applied for a job in Maidstone that would mean we'd have to move. I'm tired of how damned damp this flat is so moving would not really be a big deal - and God knows I'd really like to have a job again.
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