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God damn I'm itchy today.
Adopt one today!
Nice stuff: found five quid in the street! Yay! It paid for an art gallery ticket.
Adopt one today!
Also: had a GREAT day with countess_sophia today. We ate dim sum (new place, the old one is closed: Dumpling Madness or something like that), saw the Viennese portraits exhibit at the National Portrait Gallery that had all of the Schieles and Klimts in it, and had a good old gossip about all sorts of people and things, including what Charles Stross would say about getting my (yet to be written) novel published. I think we need to plan a trip to Split for next summer, if I have a job again. I'm also hoping that we can take the Soane museum art class together in July.
Adopt one today!
Also: I've been having a lot of fun with Dragoncave's Halloween event, with four dragons I've never had the opportunity to catch before, and a WHOLE NEW ONE on Thursday.
Adopt one today!
Also: with the increase in pressure of the money situation, I've been putting myself out more to see shows as a reviewer, and I got THREE PEOPLE to let me review shows over a seven day period of time. I am quite pleased. I'd of course like it better if I were being paid. I'll post the reviews I have backlogged in a bit.

Tomorrow I need to work on plotting for Nanowrimo and take a run; later I'll try to make it to the Hunterian for their Halloween late night event in which you pickle a body part (or something like that).


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