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Reviews: Scottsboro Boys and puppet Macbeth

Man, I'm backlogged with reviews. I just finished my review of the Macbeth that the Little Angel Puppet Theater is doing, even though I saw it October 5th. I still haven't got around to reviewing Around the World even though I saw it on the 20th; I saw a show on Friday and Saturday I haven't reviewed yet.
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However, I decided to review The Scottsboro Boys right away after seeing it on Thursday, because it was really awesome. I was unashamedly enthusiastic because of its excellence on many fronts - music, performances, choreography, storyline, historical importance. Wow. I really want to go again but it will have to be in December as I can't really do any 35 quid tickets next month but I can justify maybe one show this price if Santa buys it.
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Unfortunately due to various things I totally screwed up the show I was supposed to see Tuesday night ... a viola da gamba concert. I just showed up at the wrong time. I was really unhappy about that: my brain was just too full to get everything right that day. And I've dreamed for years of seeing Fretwork perform live.
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Tomorrow I'm seeing THREE SHOWS including We Will Rock You and two puppet shows that are part of the Suspense adult puppetry festival ... one of them is about bipolar disorder, which should be an interesting topic to do in this format. I'm looking forward to it.
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And I know I'm a geek but tomorrow is HALLOWEEN and this means that on Dragoncave I'm going to get to try to turn some of my dragons into zombies. And it also means they're releasing a new dragon. AND I'M EXCITED ABOUT THIS.
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