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Well! I had a good time on Dragoncave today, making zombie dragons and catching new Halloween eggs. But when I got home tonight I realized I had one last Kill action left, which I needed to take advantage of if I was going to get the maximum complement of zombies! So I renamed a dragon ("Death Rides at Night"), succeeded in killing it ("You take your blade and stab Death Rides at Night, watching the life slowly leave its eyes as it stares at you, wondering why you betrayed it."), hit revive ... then saw this sad message: "You attempt to revive the dragon using magic, and are successful." Well! Not what I wanted at all! Ah well, I got a male and female adult plus a little and full grown hatchie zombie, so all in all Halloween was a success.

New egg: Adopt one today!

Unrevived dragon: Adopt one today!

Zombie adult: Adopt one today! (and this one/

Zombie baby dragon: Adopt one today! (also this one.

Right. Tomorrow a post about me and my pirate costume.
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