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End of the week - but not the work week

My work schedule for tomorrow has been changed from "Saturday at 8 AM" (="minorly inconveniencing me") to "Saturday at 5 AM" (="putting me at risk of killing myself on the freeway"). I'm hoping like mad I can get my computer set up at home so I can VPN into the machines here and do my work in my jammies. I have a concert I bought tickets to months ago tonight - I wouldn't have volunteered for this shift if I'd known they were going to screw with the hours like this.

In other news, the Seattle Times has a really nice story today on Takayama, one of the towns I visited in Japan. It is a small town, but it looks like there were still a few places I missed when I was there.

Goddamn VPN requires new OS to be installed on my teeny brained home computer. FIE! DAMN ALL!
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