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Reviews: Christmas Carol musical, Christmas Carol sketch, Jack Off the Beanstalk, Cinderfella, etc

The holiday season is on and there are more new shows than I can ever possibly see in one month. In addition to some classical music (Messiah and Britten's cello sonatas), I've been to ... oh, many, many plays. I haven't even written them all up. Here's a few:
Worst of the lot was a sketch comedy version of A Christmas Carol. Sure, I enjoyed playing Mrs Fezziwig, but overall the desire to hit laughs distracted from the story. Oddly, the musical version of A Christmas Carols that's at the Tabard was closer to the story but just too cutesy. It did, however, inspire me to write "The Xmas Factor: A Tory Humbug," which hopefully I'll wrap up before the season is over.
I went to three adult pantos, two of which didn't make me laugh (Jack Off the Beanstalk; and Pilates of the Caribbean on the Battersea Barge - see my review on The Public Reviews) and one of which was my absolute favorite so far - Cinderfella at the Green Carnation. Do you enjoy disco music and mean drag queens? Well I do and I did and it was great. The only thing even close so far is Peter Pan Goes Wrong, which I saw last night and haven't written up yet. If you like slapstick or farce, you simply MUST go. It was the total opposite (and yet the same) as the Jack and the Beanstalk at the Southwark Playhouse I saw the night before, which was also pretending that things were going wrong but didn't notice that it wasn't funny. You've been warned. (I also saw Puss in Boots at the Hackney Empire, which was fine but just ... fine. Not amazing. Very little improv and few political asides. Boo.) Meanwhile, the naptastic Henry V carries on at the Noel Coward. Most will go because it's Jude Law in the lead role: me, I was so let down that I'm thinking of not seeing any more plays I've seen before next year, partially because I've had it with celebrity casting. Grr.
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