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Health update

Morning: 145/98. Basically I woke up thinking about what was on my mind when I went to bed, which is stupid and bad for my blood pressure. It's not imaginary fear, it's real fear, and my body reacts to it like there are tigers lurking outside the house.

I have been meaning for ages to update on my final trip to the skin specialist I went to for the urticaria - final because I've been discharged, even though I still have it. He has me tapering off of the Fenofexadine - which I'd been doing any way - and gave me a script for a huge bottle of moisturizer, which can be used BEFORE showering to protect the skin. I'm in a maintenance mode now that could go on for years. He focused on diet as triggering urticaria attacks, but I think that's just silly, since I've been the one having them and they in no way follow upon meals - they follow upon easily identifiable (to me) stress incidents.

He also told me I could have safely taken my antihistamines at four times the normal dose. That, now, made me unhappy, because if I had been able to do that December - March, it would have made a real difference to how much scabbing I was having on my legs (and probably helped my mental state as well), but neither the pharmacist nor my regular GP thought it was safe to take more than two 120s a day, and THEY LOOKED IT UP. Very, very unhappy making and makes me question the competence of the medical profession that I was denied this on "health" reasons that weren't true.

Today I'm going to see the Shunga exhibit at the British Museum, then meet up with Amy to try my hand at crocheting (it's a NY resolution to be able to crochet a hat by next winter), then see a puppet show at the Little Angel Theater. No running - no time - but I will tomorrow.
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