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Web Cowgirl 衛 思 維

New Year's Resolutions 2014

I came up with just a very few resolutions for this year - very goal based.

1. Run 5 miles by end of June (I can do five K so I'm more than halfway there but most of the time when I run it's only 3K/2 miles, so this will be stretching myself). I think I might get bored of running and just quit at some point, though - which, as long as I'm getting regular cardio and maintaining my fitness level, just doesn't matter to me. Running is dead boring in my book.
2. Learn how to crochet. This will be done in steps, month by month. Goal: end of the year, be able to crochet a hat out of the brown yarn that Katie used to knit a sweater for me. (There were more than 2 balls of yarn left so there's plenty for me to play with.)
3. Dance more! I signed up for tap dancing so this should be easy. But I'd like to be swing dancing and ceilidh dancing more as well.
4. Write! I want to write one review on "the Public Reviews" per month, but I'd also like to finish ONE play. I think the one about how Twitter gave me urticaria can be done pretty quickly, in time for the Brighton fringe fest, but I'm not setting that as a goal. One play by the end of the year will be fine.

Otherwise - I want to travel, garden, and buy a house ... but I'm not setting those as goals. I'd also like to end the year at 165, but that's not really a resolution for me. My goal is to be healthier, and I'd like to lose some of the gut (and fit into my size 14 clothes again), but, frankly, focusing on diet over exercise and mental health isn't how I want to approach life.
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