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Plum blossoms cover my garden like snow - two choruses

I need to buy new contacts soon - the ones I'm wearing are beginning to feel like potato chips. In other news ....

Seeing two choral performances in one weekend was an interesting exercise in contrast. Both of the groups I saw (Netherlands Bach Ensemble and Seattle Pro Musica) did programs that were very liturgical, and under normal circumstances I, as a non-evangelical atheist, would have stayed far away. However, since I had season tickets for the first show and a friend in the second, I was obliged to attend both.

Netherlands Bach Ensemble won my vote for the better show, and was good not just in comparison (really great singers, including a counter-tenor, and with period accompaniment - and both sides specialists in early music, which I love) but also as compelling music. Like a lot of the early music on the Jesus theme that I've heard performed particularly well, I practically wanted to throw myself in the aisles and scream, "Save me Jesus! I am a sinning unbeliever and I have not been properly grateful for your sacrifices!" Who would think music could be such a powerful propaganda tool? I've never thought German was a very good singing language, but I think it may be more powerful than, say, French and Italian at expressing harsher realities ... in the phrase of "Gott Sei mier gnadig" (Latin: Miserere Mei) where the singer says "that the bones which thou hast broken may rejoice," I swear I could hear the cracking of tibias in the singers' sharp stacattos.

However, I had a much better time after the Pro Musica concert, since I went out afterwards not just with my friend who was in it, but two mutual friends of ours and of course shadowdaddy and Mrs. irrationalrobot who had gone with me. We hit the Elysian and downed two pitchers, a plate of fries, and a pint of cider (for me of course, alas Blackthorne was all they had) and talked about Krull, Gene Kelley, the joys of homeownership (and, actually, the non-joys - like never attending to the things that are pointed out during the inspection - this came up since Cathy is buying a house right now within stumbling distance of the pub), etc., for about two hours. Asking Mrs. irrationalrobot was kind of a spontaneous thing, and I'm very glad she came along for the evening.

Now I'm off to clean the bedroom, as I've said I would do for about a month now. Since the sun is rising far enough in the south to shine in our bedroom windows now, we'll probably be rearranging everything soon so that we can sleep more soundly in the 6 AM hour. All I need to do is finish my cup of tea and I'm ready to go ...
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